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Finding a Quiet Place in the House

Finding a Quiet Place in the House

Your brain is clouded with too many things going in your life and you need to get away. It is like that Southwest Airline Commercial in the 90s when the narrator says, "need to get away". That's how I feel at certain times of my life. It could be a stress at a job or parenting struggles, many factors can contribute to this feeling. This feeling can affect you both mentally & physically. 

The natural coping mechanism is to take a vacation or leave the house, both are great ideas. But in the case of a vacation you can't go every week and fly to the nearest island to sip margaritas. God knows I've done that a few times in my life. In the case of leaving the house, you can go for a walk or take a drive, but this can cause your spouse to worry about you. I'll propose another option one that is simple and with time can be of great benefit and importance.

Why not find a place in the house where no one can bother you? If you have children or an extended household this is easier said than done and of course if you don't have much space in your home, this could be a potential problem.

The reason why I bring up the home is that the home should be a place of comfort and an area where you can focus and clear your mind. Don't get me wrong, sometimes it is okay to get away from it all. I usually go for a walk and that seems to clear the mind a little bit, but that doesn't address the problems in your life. 

The best way to address your problems in life is to focus on them and figure out a solution. The best way to do this is through your home. If you are having problems in life it could be your job, financial trouble, marriage trouble, too much going on you not only need to get cope, but address the issue. I'm not a therapist, but there is a huge correlation of happiness and being stress free or less stressed in life. What can you do?

Here are the options.

If you live in a big house, find a room or an area of the room to make it a place where you can be distraction free and keep your thoughts to yourself.

Some possible ideas

  • Outside patio
  • A corner in a room
  • The guest room
  • Living room

If you are really having a hard time because of distractions, tell your significant other to take the kids out, shut the windows, turn off electronics. 

What do you need in this space? What is going to make this place peaceful?

  • Buy something comfortable to sit on like a yoga mat, small area rug, comfortable chair
  • Listen to relaxing music; Enya always helps
  • Have a pen and notepad nearby
  • Make sure the place is open and clutter free

Ready, make it happen. Do these 2 things

  1. Release all the clutter and chaos in your mind. Focus on nothing for at least 10 minutes, take deep breathes. 
  2. Start to write down solutions or ideas to address pressing issues in your life on your notepad. 

I love doing this technique. It's a quick reset and gets you back on track. Let me know if this technique works or you have other techniques you use. I would sure like to get a dialogue going.

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