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Magnetic Self Winding Phone Charger

Magnetic Self Winding Phone Charger

We just got this product in our store and wanted to do a product review on it. You might have seen the magnetic phone charging cord on some cool gadget video and were curious to see if it works or not. This article tell you exactly if this product is right for you. 

In this article we review the Magnetic Self Winding Phone Charger. Here are the topics we will be covering. 1) Problem it solves 2) Charging Speed 3) Cost 4) Testing.

Important: It does not come with a cube, you will have to use the one your have at home. 

Problem it Solves

The main feature of this magnetic phone charger is that it self winds by the use of strong magnets. We did some testing and it does self wind, but you have to hold the charging cord at an angle. I guess we thought self winding would be like an automatic winding cord. If you feel that way, then it does not self wind itself. Check out the video link to see what we mean.

It does partially solve the problem of not tangling, however it does not automatically self wind. We give it a 7.5 out of 10 for solving a problem.


Charging Speed

The charging speed is pretty good. We charged our iPhone for 30 minutes on a dead battery and the charge got up to 31%. For a full 100%, it would take about 100 minutes. For charging we give it a 8.5 out of 10.


At Organized Table we sell the 3 foot cord for $13.99 + shipping and the 6 foot cord for $15.99 + shipping. If you use code organizedtableship at checkout then you get free shipping with us or you can spend $40 or more and get free shipping. 

Amazon sells it between $11-$18. The 3 foot cord is around $11 and the 6 foot cord is around $18. On the low end we only found a micro usb to USB which are only droid phones. If you have an iphone, you will have to pay more money. 

After researching their store, Walmart Shopping don't have the Self Winding Magnetic Phone Charger.

Most charging cords run about this price for the short and long cable. The price is not exceptional, but good. We give it a 8 out of 10. 

Testing the Product

This is the fun part where we test the product to see how it works. We did two test. 

1) Charging at your house

Most outlets are near the floor and if you have an end table, it will work just fine. If you are on your phone and its charging, the cable can get finicky in the wrong positions. It doesn't get tangled, but it isn't too flexible and you will have to straighten it out. This is the main issue we found out when testing the charging cable. The second issue is that it doesn't automatically self wind. You need to angle the cord for the magnets to self wind. Check out short video about how it self winds. 

2) Charging in your car

This charging cable will probably work best in the car where the space is compact and there isn't time for a tangled cord. We all know a tangled cord in the car can cause a lot of frustration. The only problem could be if your phone is charging and you have the urge to check it. If you yank your phone the cable could get dislodge. However, the connectors are well made and it fits snug so it won't come out very easily. Again as you see from the picture we are testing the USB to Lightning cord for Apple. If you have a Droid, we didn't test for that. 

Even though it doesn't automatically self wind, it doesn't get tangled. As for the testing we give it a 8 out of 10 for a quality product. 


Overall we give this cord a 8/10 rating. It is a quality product and reasonably price. Make sure you go to and check out all of the amazing household goods we have to offer. 

Important: It does not come with a cube, you will have to use the one your have at your home. 

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