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Starting to Declutter

Starting to Declutter

Piles and piles of your stuff on top of each other. It has been bad for a while. You have made the choice to start decluttering. The feeling is real. But where do you start? 

The main strategy is to SORT AND PURGE. If you ever watch that show Hoarders, it seems impossible for someone to get rid of all that stuff much less organize it, but by the end of the show they get it done. This is how they do it.

1) They sort. When you were a child sorting was one of the first skills you learned. You sorted colors, clothing, and toys. As the years go on things got complexed, but organizing is all about sorting. The best way to sort a bunch of stuff is to make two piles. One pile will be things to keep and other pile will be things to get rid of. 

Now what to keep and what to get rid of? For some this might be one of the toughest question to answer. You might think that everything is important, but that is not the case. The two questions to ask yourself is a) does it bring value to my life? b)  is it of sentimental value? If the item in question can't answer those two questions, then you must get rid of it. 

2) Purge. You must have a garage sale, put the item on facebook marketplace, or donate it. This must be done right away because as time goes on you start second guessing yourself. 

Start to purge with a garage sale

The sort and purge strategy is straightforward and direct. 

The second strategy is to PUT AWAY AND ARRANGE. For this strategy you might have to purge a little, but it requires a lot of storage. For this strategy having a bigger house or apartment helps. The reason is you have more furniture to put your stuff in. 

I love this strategy because I don't like to throw everything away. I'm not a hoarder, but I just like to keep things on hand if needed. For this strategy to work, put things in its proper place. That means piled up papers belong in your home office, toys belong in the children's room and not the living room, and so on. 

When almost everything is in its right place, then go room to room and start to put things in drawers. After everything is put away, start to tweak the furniture to give it a fresh look. I'm not talking about moving everything, but maybe you can move a desk to a certain part of the room. Doing these little adjustments creates a productivity mindset. After you are done take a picture of the place and show it to someone who actually cares. It could be your significant other or a parent. This is to get reassurance and validation that you did a great job. 

Putting things in its right place is essential

Getting organize is a complete mindset. When you see the same things day after day, you think its normal, even a messy house. However a messy house is not normal and you deserve a clean organized house. 

Do you have problems getting started organizing your house? Do you have a system or another strategy that works? Drop a comment below, I'd like to hear what you got to say. 

Until next time, stay organized!  

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