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5 Reasons Why Bohemian Macramé Art is so Popular?

5 Reasons Why Bohemian Macramé Art is so Popular?

Why is Bohemian Style Macramé Art so popular now, in 2021? If you don't know art too well this article is perfect for you and if you are an expert in art well you can still read on.

Let's start with the definition of Bohemian Art. What is Bohemian Art? The Original Bohemians started in the 17th century in Paris. Parisian artist started an unconventional style of art, therefore creating their own unique style, a Bohemian Style. Features of this style included mismatching colors or funky geometric patterns. Bohemian style focuses on the unconventional, random, eclectic, and unstructured techniques. 

With that being said, that doesn't sound like todays Bohemian Art. What about today's Bohemian Art? Today the term is thrown around nonchalantly by everyone because it is so popular. What is comes down to is how you design your room. If the room you design has different styles techniques, colors, patterns, etc, it is looked at as unique, therefore considered Boho - something that is unstructured and eclectic. 

To add a layer of complexity, we now have to look at the definition of macramé knots. I'm not going to go into the deep history of macramé knots, but I will tell you that sailors made the knots popular in around the early 18-19th century. Since there was so much downtime at sea, the sailors had a lot of time to create their knots. 

How does Boho and macramé combine and become popular in our culture today. It started in the 1970s where Boho macramé wall hangings saturated the marketplace. It was a fad and eventually the trend died. 

Fast forward to 2015, the millennials have brought it back. Without them, we wouldn't have rediscovered these beautiful pieces of home decor.  Let us not wait any longer and find out the top 5 reasons why Bohemian Macramé Art is so popular in not only America, but the world. 


What are the top 5 reasons why Bohemian Macramé Art is so popular? 

  1. Eco-friendly - Bohemian Macramé Wall Art is 100% all natural. There are no plastic. Macrame knotting is made from 100% cotton which means you can recycle it. The dowel used to hang the piece is made of 100% wood, not plastic. Now if your Boho Macramé Art has color, I can't promise that it is made from environmental friendly paint, but I can assure you that ours is made from all natural paint.
  2. Simplicity - Even though your Boho Macramé Art has intricate knotting patterns, it is still one piece and most of the times it can hold its own as the only hanging piece on the wall. If you hang it over the bed, table, or sofa, it looks good and there is no need to put other art pieces surrounding it. 
  3. Design - Boho Macramé Art tends to not follow a certain pattern or rule. Though it looks symetrical in appearance, you will notice that many Boho Macramé Art pieces have different twist and shapes both verticall and horizontally. Some have fringe ends while others knots at the ends. All these macrame techniques make each Boho Macramé Art unique on its own, you will never see one that is copied from another one. 
  4. Simple to install - All you need is a nail nailed in at at angle and you are all set. Painting and picture frames are harder to install on the wall because the spacing has to be right. If the spacing is not right, the picture frame looks off. With Boho Macramé Art, you have to get the height right and that's it. 
  5. Versatile - For some reason, the more rooms I look at, the more I believe that Boho Macramé Art can fit with a variety of different furniture and art work. In addition, many Boho Macramé Art matches with different colors and patterns. Boho Macramé Art can be the primary focus of the room or a complimentary piece of the room, it all depends on how you present it. 

If you were looking for reasons to convince you to buy Boho Macramé Art, I hope I convinced you to get some pieces. Comment below if you have another reason you would like to share. At our store at Organized Table we have a small collection of Boho Macramé Art. These are affordable and would be a great piece to add to your home. 

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