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The Philosophy of the Organized Table

The Philosophy of the Organized Table

As we go through the daily grind everyday, things get left on the back burner never to be touched until we get a day off or go on vacation. Why is that? Everyday I walk past the same mess and I don't do anything about it. I can visually see the mess and should do something about it, but I don't. 

I realize to get any organizing done in life action takes precedent over planning. The first action creates the snowball effect and then once I accomplish that no matter how small an action that was, I can then start the planning process. 

The question I had was how do I take action? What propels me to take a step in the right direction. There in fact is the creation of the Organized Table. I created a habit in my brain that to get started organizing, I would organize the table in the dining room.

It all starts with an Organized Table

I might be in the minority on this (write a comment if I'm not), but our dining table is a mess everything from papers, dishes, centerpieces, utensils, just a pure mess of crap. 

That is where I start with the dining table. From there, my body is in motion. I can get about 2 hours of organizing in. Everything from organizing the living room to sweeping the floor to putting up home decor, you can do a lot of things in 2 hours of work. 

That's the origin of the Organized Table. How do you get started with organizing? Are you a natural? Or do you dread organizing your house? Leave a comment below. 

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